LEADS 2.0.10 Update

This will update an existing installation of LEADS Police Software to 2.0.10.
It should be used only if you have LEADS 2.0.9 already installed.
You must have a current Software Support Agreement to install this update.

Save this file (setup2010.exe) to x:\LEADS2\bin where x: is the drive that LEADS is installed on.
Before running setup2010.exe:

This will install the update and convert the database into the 2.0.10 format. This can take from 30 minutes to several hours, depending upon the size of the database and the speed of your server.

You can call LEADS Software Support at 1-800-245-3237 for assistance in installing this update.

Download LEADS 2.0.10 Update What's new in LEADS 2.0.10