What's New in LEADS 2.0.7
Property Inquiry

Property can now be viewed with an inquiry screen. Property can be accessed by Category/Article, Serial Number, Owner Applied Number, Owner, or by Tag number.

Property Search Report

Property can be searched and printed with this report.

UCR Supplementary Homicide Report

The SHR will now be printed when homicides are tallied on the UCR.

A Homicide tab has been added to the Incident Offense screen so that additional information can be entered for homicide offenses.

Deceased Individuals

Deceased individuals are now colored red on all Individual Browse screens. Also, the decease date is displayed in the address column. Age is now calculated correctly for deceased persons.

Incident Report

Owner name now prints in Property section.

Incident Search Report

Can now select unapproved reports only.

Incident Report

Individuals with a confidential role code (print format 4) weren’t suppressed in the arrest section of the Incident Report.

Article Codes

Article Codes could be created without a UCR type. This caused errors on the B1 an B2 pages of the UCR Report. The Update Article screen now requires that the UCR Type be selected from a list of valid choices.

Individual Search

Search by Height, Weight didn't work.


Changing Location information from the Update Event screen would sometimes cause the location to be indexed under a different address.

All Screens & Reports

Date fields and time fields are no longer displayed in the Windows Short format that is set in the Regional section of Windows Control Panel.
Dates are displayed as mm/dd/yyyy or as mm/dd/yy where space is limited.
Times are displayed as hh:mm or hh:mm:ss.