LEADS 2.0.9 Complete Install

This will create a new installation of LEADS Police Software.
It should not be used if you have LEADS 2.0 already installed.
Use this for a completely new installation.

If you currently have LEADS 1.5, it will provide a conversion program to copy all of your existing data into LEADS2. It will not disturb your LEADS 1.5 installation.

After installing LEADS 2.0.9, you can call LEADS Software Group to get a license for LEADS 2.0.9.
If you have a current Software Support Agreement, there is no cost for this license.

Save this file (setup.exe) anywhere, and then run it. It will default to installing into x:\LEADS2 where x: is the first network drive found, or to C:\LEADS2 if no network drives are found. You can change the installation folder. After installation is complete, you can run x:\LEADS2\bin\SetupWS.exe to create shortcuts for LEADS.

You can call LEADS Software Support at 1-800-245-3237 for assistance in installing LEADS.

Download LEADS 2.0.9

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