What's New in LEADS 2.0.9

Dispatch Options now allows user to set the default How Reported code for Officer Initiated, 911, alarm and other events.

Update Event screen now removes leading blank lines and spaces from the event narrative

Incident Search Report

The number of code section search values was increased from 4 to 8.


Users who had Event View rights, but not Event Change Closed rights could not view closed events.

Event Log

When printing an event log, event narrative would not print if the narrative began with a blank line.

LEADS Lockup

When a user presses and releases the ALT key, the first menu item should be highlighted, and pulled down.
This is the normal Windows behavior.
In Windows 7, LEADS froze instead of highlighting the menu item.  This is because of a change in Windows behavior.
You could recover from this by pressing ALT+ESC.
This release corrects that problem.  Pressing and releasing the ALT key now works correctly.

Incident Search Report

When searching on an individual age range, some reports containing individuals without a DOB would be included in the results.

Security, Users by Access Report

An error 801 was displayed when printing the report.

Security, Groups by Access Report

An error 801 was displayed when printing the report.

UCR Report

Changes to Return A and Property Stolen by Classification return to meet new rape reporting requirements.